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Shewalton Car Spares is the place to come to scrap your car in Ayrshire. David Young has been running the business from the site at Oldhall West since 1983 and the company is now the largest in Ayrshire for scrap cars and used spare parts.

At Shewalton Car Spares you can be assured of a quality service. We pay best prices for your scrap car or van and we can pick the vehicles throughout Ayrshire. By law, A Certificate of Destruction must be issued to you when scrapping a car and Shewalton Car Spares have a direct link to DVLA to do that for you, so there is no obligation on your part to do anything more than call us and arrange for your vehicle to be picked up, or to bring it direct to us along with the registration certificate. If you don’t have a registration certificate, your vehicle can still be processed and a certificate of destruction issued to you.


Shewalton Car Spares are able to supply many spares off-the-shelf and our friendly team of staff are always willing to help.


Top prices paid for scrap cars in Ayrshire. Remember, you need to obtain a destruction certificate when scrapping a vehicle to ensure you do not face penalties, so come to us, your local Authorised Treatment Facility for end of life vehicles (ELV).

We can arrange to pick up your vehicle and transport it back to our depot with minimum fuss and maximum convenience.

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