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David Young, Managing Director of Shewalton Car Spares Ltd has been in business on this site at Oldhall West since 1983 and the company is now the largest vehicle dismantler in Ayrshire

Shewalton Car Spares are a fully licenced Authorised Treatment Facility for end of life vehicles (ELV). The term ELV refers to a vehicle which has reached the stage where it is no longer useful or roadworthy for whatever reason. 

The law requires that you take your car to an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF) to be de-polluted and destroyed when it has reached the end of it's life, where you must receive a certificate of destruction. You can only receive this certificate from an ATF such as Shewalton Car Spares. There is no charge for this certificate.


Shewalton Car Spares have a direct link to DVLA, so there is no obligation on your part to do anything more than call us and arrange for your vehicle to be picked up, or to bring it direct to us along with the registration certificate. If you don’t have a registration certificate, your vehicle can still be processed and a certificate of destruction obtained


Shewalton Car Spares is fully committed to environmental issues and is licensed by The Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA). All vehicles which enter the premises are expertly de-polluted using a specialised vehicle drainage system, removing fuel, engine and gearbox oil, coolants and windscreen wash. In addition, all batteries, air bags, tyres, oil filters and CFC’s from air conditioning units are also removed, as well as Engines, gearboxes and some other spare parts, before the vehicle is stored, ready to be crushed and recycled.


If scrapping a car, please ensure that YOU comply with the law and get your destruction certificate. Remember - It is YOUR proof of scrapping and must be signed and retained by you to avoid future taxation fines 



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